After experiencing life-long skin issues of hyperpigmentation and hopelessness in search of an alleviate, Whoever thought that this issue would lead to the creation of a skincare line made entirely from exotic fruits and plants for all skin types around the world. 

After feeling hopeless, I did the research and decided to create my skincare line, at home, in my kitchen. Yimi Skin is what you will call a specialty skincare line, the world’s first environmentally friendly high-quality skincare line that uses all-natural ingredients to produce incredible results. Because Your Image Matters Individually, we use nature best ethically and sustainably ingredients source from around the world to formulate our products. We don’t believe in cutting costs by substituting natural ingredients with synthetic chemicals or artificial fragrances.

The first rule in beauty is to know that YOUR IMAGE MATTERS! You can own the best make up in the world, but it won’t look its best unless your skin is healthy and nourished. We believe every person should feel confident in their skin; that’s why our mission is to empower women to be and feel beautiful while achieving evolutionary results with Yimi Skincare.

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Our plant and fruit-based skincare collection are formulated with extraordinary natural, organic, sustainable ingredients with the highest quality, sourced from around the world that deliver visible, lasting results.


By using pure, active, natural, cold-pressed, and raw ingredients to formulated Yimi Skincare line. We are able to support the skin’s natural defenses to function with increased vitality and radiance while capturing nature’s essence. 

The popular four-step skin regimen combines a Morning and Evening products. All our products were made by us in the US and work in harmony with every skin type.